“Mark Sullivan breaks the stereotype of attorneys. He is a warm, compassionate man that invests himself in the best interest of his clients. Mark works to develop a relationship with his clients while providing individual solutions. I have no hesitation to refer Mark to customers, family and friends.”

Michelle R. Donovan
Owner of Referral Institute of Western PA

“Mark Sullivan is pure genius at making the complex, simple. His skill at communicating allows him to clearly and concisely explain the most convoluted legal constructs, or virtually any other idea about which you care to question him. He is compassionate yet direct, kind yet appropriately forceful (or assertive) as necessary. I have sought his advise on a great variety of subjects and found it always both insightful and cogent. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.”

Kathy Evans-Palmisano

“Attorney Mark Sullivan has the business knowledge I need. Mark has the integrity I value. Mark makes my legal problems go away. Mark Sullivan delivers premium service at a price I can afford. Can you afford not to schedule an appointment?”

Neal Griebling
Future Design Studio, Inc.

“Mark has the unique ability to articulate legal strategies that are supremely logical and also intuitive and amicable. Working with Mark is like working with a trusted friend; someone to depend on for valuable feedback, logical direction, and sound advice. I consult Mark in all manner of business concerns and I enthusiastically recommend him to every business owner I know.

Legal counsel is valuable to every business; however, one should not view this counsel as a standard commodity. Hire a great mind; not just a clerk who drafts and files boilerplate documents. Hire a problem solver with advanced skills in both logic and intuition. Hire an amicable influence; not just an inflammatory bully. When you hire counsel, hire Mark Sullivan; a poetically-inspired artificer of written word, a noble Senator championing ideas for the better good, a mind of wisdom in matters of business law.”

Jason Hewitt, Principal
Illustrata Brand Enlightenment